The Story of B-Blue

In July 2014, after 17 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Olivier Malmendier left his job and started his own startup. His goal was to create a natural and healthy beverage. He quickly identified spirulina as the ingredient with the greatest nutritional potential. There were numerous challenges to overcome: transforming this exceptional ingredient, which was widely sold worldwide as a dietary supplement, into a beverage that could be easily consumed on a daily basis.

Phycocyanin (the extract of blue spirulina) proved to be the most promising molecule for health. However, to date, no industrial group had succeeded in stabilizing it for integration into water or a refreshing beverage.

Three years of research and development were necessary to create a bioactive beverage with a pleasant taste using this active ingredient:


Startup creation


Change of legal status

Change of legal status from Limited Liability Company (SRL) to a Joint Stock Company (SA) Entry into the capital of the investment fund Noshaq


First sales in France, Belgium, Italy and Slovenia


Suspension of exports during the COVID period


National TV shopping

National TV shopping sales campaign with the Stars Group (TF1 & M6 Boutique in France and RTL-TVI in Belgium)


New IP strategy

New IP strategy based on the Belgian and French patents extended internationally through the PCT Procedure, as well as obtaining a National Patent in the USA. This strategy aims to protect our intellectual property rights globally and maximize the commercial potential of our innovations. Exit of Noshaq Fund through share buyback.


Fundraising to establish a Joint Venture with a partner group

The drink that brings out the best in you !

B-Blue, naturally blue water made with spirulina